The Impact of Abba’s Child

As those of you who know me well, I am reader. Sometimes trying to read several books at a time; sometimes taking up to a year or two to finish a book; sometimes finding that book–usually a novel–that I can’t put down and read in a few short days; always taking a book along to read on trips, in restaurants–usually Bill’s–and always at night in bed just before dropping off to sleep.

One of the things that I hope to write about are some of the books that have made an impression on me in some way. I also hope that others will also recommend and share something about books that they have read and think that I or others reading my blog might be interested in knowing about.

So, to get things started, the first book that I want to mention is one that has made an impact on my faith and especially on my view of myself as God’s/Abba’s beloved child. It is one that I’ve recommended and given as a gift to several people over the past year. And in many, if not all cases, those who read it were glad that they did. The book I’m talking about is, Abba’s Child, by Brennan Manning.

Abba’s Child is a book that helped me get a much clearer picture and understanding of my true self and of God’s/Abba’s unconditional and always the same love for me as his precious child. Brennan Manning is able to write in such a clear and powerful way about God’s love for us that relates to me for who I am and where I am at as a “Christian.” I think it comes down to the fact the Brennan seems to get “Grace” better than anyone I have ever heard, read, or known.

If you haven’t read it or are unfamiliar with Brennan Manning as an author, Abba’s Child is a great one to introduce you to him and his writing. He is more than a Christian author, he is someone who I can identify with as a fellow broken brother on this journey of faith and life.


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