52 and wondering, "What’s next?"

I find myself thinking quite a bit lately–actually for about the last two years or so–about what I might do for employment after Tall Turf. My thinking goes something like this: Now that I’m 52, if I’m going to make a change, I better not wait too much longer. Why? Because I don’t think there are too many places that would be all that interested in someone who is possibly only several years from retirement.

I am now in my 12th year at Tall Turf. If I were to spend another 12 years somewhere else this year, that would bring me close to the present retirement age of 65. How the heck did this happen so fast?

So what are some of the possibilities that I think about?

  • Well, I do think about teaching leadership and management courses at the college level–which would probably involve getting another degree like an MBA or PhD.
  • I’ve also thought quite a bit about going back to seminary and getting my MDiv–not to pastor a congregation however. Becoming ordained would open a number of new possibilities such as serving as a chaplain for a youth serving organization, retirement home/community, etc. Even if I stayed with Tall Turf, I could serve in new ways and also have the support and benefits that come from being part of a denomination.
  • I also thought about going to law school to become a lawyer for nonprofit organizations until I saw how many years I would have to go to school. I’ve pretty much written this one off for now.
  • Then, there is always the possibility of building a consulting business over the next few years until it’s to the point where it could provide an adequate income.
  • So, these are just a few of the things that this 52 year man thinks about when it comes to my remaining working years–which could and probably will go well beyond 65 if my health allows:-)

So, feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with me regarding this. What do you see as possiblities for me in the next 10 – 15 years or so?

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