Last Night’s Commissioning Service

The Staff Commissioning Service for 2007 went well and was a wonderful blessing. It was held at Roosevelt Park Church and included words from Pastors Reggie Smith (Roosevelt Park) and Andre Daley (Mosaic Life). There was also some lively singing from the Tall Turf summer camp staff (Lord You Are Good, Leaning on the Lord’s Side, etc.) as well as a very meaningful commissioning of the staff led by Pastor Smith.

It was very nice and more meaningful to have our own service and not be a part of or simply included as one part of another church’s evening worship service–which we have done for the past several years. Additionally, both Reggie and Andre are closely connected to and have histories of involvement with Tall Turf as a counselor and single parent family camp volunteer (RS) as well as a board member and parent of campers (AD).

A theme that came through the service, which also came through during orientation, had to do with the reality that they–the staff–cannot do this work on their own because it is not their work … it’s God’s work. Additionally, there was the emphasis on our role and position as servant leaders for God. The commissioning part of the service, led by Pastor Reggie, had the staff come forward and kneel to symbolize our position of dependance on God and as servants. Reggie led the staff in reciting Phillipians 2 about how Jesus provided the prime example for us as a servant.

All in all, a God inspired and blessed evening!

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