Is America Ready for a Black President?

I have really wanted to believe–probably naively–that America might be ready for a black president. However, even though Obama’s campaign is achieving record level fundraising at this point, there obviously is still a strong undercurrent of racism in our nation. I’m also fairly certain that most people who would or might not vote for a black presidential candidate, would never give such an honest response in a survey or public opinion poll. Over the years, and still today, I have found that many white folks–and yes, many white evangelicals–still harbor pretty strong racist feelings and thoughts toward Africian Americans in particular.

Ed Gilbreath’s post with the same title as mine–yes, I borrowed it–at his Reconciliation Blog, provides perspectives from some respected African Americans in response to this important and clearly provocative question.  Additionally, the comments to his posting along with his responses are worth the time it takes to read and ponder on them a bit–especially for those who care about racial justice and equality. Interested? Then click here.

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