A New/Old Perspective on Evangelism/Witnessing – Part 2

The following notes are from a presentation I gave to the staff of Camp Tall Turf this past summer. This was part of a panel presentation/discussion dealing with Tall Turf’s perspective on and approach to evangelism and witnessing.

Old Model                                    New (Old) Model

Evangelists as salespeople —> Witnesses as Travel Guides

Sales Call/Close Deal —> Conversations with Friends

Conversion as Event —> Conversion as Journey or Process

Either In or Out —> Moving toward or away

Formula/Script oriented —> Common ground/interest oriented

Agenda —> Friendship

Focus on eternal destiny —> Knowing, Loving, Serving God

Witness as individuals —> Witness as a community

Share gospel all the time —> Attention to Holy Spirit”nudges”

Arguing or trying to convince —> Sharing our personal stories

Believe and then Belong —> Belonging before Believing

Witnessing with the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit is always and everywhere the first and primary Witness. We are partners and collaborators with the Holy Spirit….the first tasks…are learning to listen to God and collaborate with the Holy Spirit.” (p. 34 in Re-Imagining Evangelism, by Rick Richardson)


Pray, Pray, Pray

  • Pray for opportunities.
  • Pray for other Christians.
  • Ask and depend on the Holy Spirit to speak through you and to the heart of the hearer/observer
  • Pray for people with whom you have spiritual conversations.


A Few Examples from Scripture

  • Jesus and the Samaritan woman: John 4:7-30
  • Jesus and the man blind from birth: John 9 1-11 / 24-38
  • Paul in Athens – Acts 17 22-23


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2 Responses to A New/Old Perspective on Evangelism/Witnessing – Part 2

  1. Jimmy Kinnaird says:

    Good thoughts on the difference in the times we live in. I do believe we should take on a more relational approach but also very intentional.


  2. Jack Kooyman says:

    Thanks for your comment Jimmy. I also think it’s important to pray for and pay attention to the opportunities and promptings that the Holy Spirit provides.


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