Immoral Impediments to Immigration Reform

A recent post by Melvin Bray at his blog, braytown, provides what I think is a very helpful perspective on how we understand, view, and approach the debate surrounding immigration reform. An article on the same topic by Mr. Bray also appears in the recent issue of Sojourners. Click on the following link to read his post:Immoral Impediments to Immigration Reform.

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One Response to Immoral Impediments to Immigration Reform

  1. Melvin Bray says:

    jack, thanks so much for your gracious mention. i write for the conversation of it, so i appreciate when someone engages something i’ve proffered. in my article i’m trying to do what jewish bio-ethicist laurie zoloth so much more effectively does with the whole abortion debate by changing the terms of the conversation around abortion from an endless wrangle over whose “rights” should take precedence to appreciative inquiry into our communal “duties” to mothers and children. i’m no laurie zoloth, but hopefully i can persuade a few readers to begin imagining new ways to enter into the immigration conversation.

    after doing a little research on you, jack, i would love to hear more of your story. i read about camp tall turf. camp is my favorite place, and i am working toward creating a extended-stay rehabilitative camp experience for children rescued from child prostitution. perhaps we could talk sometime. ~melvin


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