CCDA Provides Explanation for Cancelling Appearance of Dr. Cornel West

Perhaps like me, you too wondered about why the leaders of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) uninvited Dr. Cornel West just days before the start of this year’s national conference in Chicago. Perhaps also like me, you heard that it had something to do with Dr. West’s published interview in this month’s Playboy magazine. I had been looking and waiting for some type of official explanation. Well wait no longer, there was a tweet yesterday from iamccda that provided the following link to the official explanation.

I would be very interested in anybody’s thoughts on this decision by CCDA. I, along with others, have wondered if CCDA would have uninvited Dr. King or President Carter for their interviews. Don’t get me wrong, I in no way support or endorse this particular publication or its message which I believe demeans and objectifies women. I do, however, think that we may have missed an important opportunity for constructive dialogue raised by this issue. I am also concerned that we may have opened a “pandora’s box” that will likely raise it’s ugly head again. I know that the evil one can use situations like this to bring division and dissent among God’s people. I hope and pray that we can staying united, even when we strongly disagree, for the cause of reconciliation and justice which God has called us to.



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2 Responses to CCDA Provides Explanation for Cancelling Appearance of Dr. Cornel West

  1. Jon Trott says:

    I think CCDA did the right thing, and pray they would have done it no matter how well known or liked the speaker was. Feminists have all but given up on biblical Christians — even those of us who are progressive politically — as allies. I’d love to hear Dr. West dialogue with John Perkins. But I’m sorely disappointed that he would allow his name to come into conjunction with a magazine that exploits women and men.


  2. Jack Kooyman says:

    Thanks Jon. I appreciate your thoughtful response.


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