Getting Beyond Labels – A Primer on Civil Discourse and Behavior

Tomorrow I will be leading a discussion on the topic of civility for a group of Kuyper College social work students.  I think the professor, Dr. Judi Meerman, asked me to do this because of some postings I have had both on this topic as well as on the subject of racial/ethnic reconciliation . . . at least that’s why I think she originally asked. Anyway, I thought it was timely that the lead posting on God’s Politics Blog “just so happened” to be on this subject as well. The focus on the first posting is more about interpersonal civil discourse and behavior between Christians with differing viewpoints. The second posting, is focused on civil discourse and behavior in the public square, primarily dealing with political and campaign civility or lack thereof. I encourage you to check out Part I by clicking on the following link:  Getting Beyond Labels

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