Why Camp Tall Turf?

If you are a parent, guardian, grandparent, teacher, or any other person who loves a child or children between ages 8 – 13 and want them to have positive and life formative experience this summer, consider sending them to Camp Tall Turf (CTT). CTT, a program of Tall Turf Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a non-denominational Christian camp located approximately 70 miles north of GR that has been operating since 1969.

Like most adults who care for and about children and young people, I am sure there are certain questions that you want answers to before making a decision or even considering sending the child(ren) you care about to a camp with which you are unfamiliar. I would too! For that reason, we are attempting to provide responses to some of the more commonly asked questions right on our website which you can get to by following this link.

Our first session which begins Wednesday, June 20, still has plenty of spots left to fill. If you send your child(ren) to our 1st or 2nd session, you may also send them to another session of the same or shorter length for half the cost.

You can begin the application process NOW on Tall Turf’s website by going directly to the following link and completing our online camper application (please read the instructions on the opening page)

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