Jesus and Our Suffering

SufferingI came across the following quote about the relationship between Jesus and our suffering. It’s from Rob Bell in his new book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, that I read on Joy B’s blog, Joy In This Journey. It was especially meaningful and helpful to me . . . and that’s why I’m sharing it here.

“And so when I talk about God, I’m talking about the Jesus who invites us to embrace our weakness and doubt and anger and whatever other pain and helplessness we’re carrying around, offering it up in all of its mystery, strangeness, pain, and unresolved tension to God, trusting that in the same way that Jesus’s offering of his body and blood brings us new life, this present pain and brokenness can also be turned into something new.

“The peace we are offered is not a peace that is free from





depression, or


It is peace rooted in the trust that the life Jesus gives us is deeper, wider, stronger, and more enduring than whatever our current circumstances are, because all we see is not all there is and the last word about us and our struggle has not yet been spoken.

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