Helping in the midst of Pain

painandloss_picI just read a post by Kathy Escobar entitled, “what seems to help in the midst of pain,” on the Geography of Grace blog. Kathy offers what I think are some very important and helpful ideas and insights relating to “helping” those who are in some type of pain. As some of you may know, I have had a very difficult, challenging, and painful year that ended with my departure from the ministry I had served for nearly twenty years. Kathy offers important insights and helpful suggestions as she shares some of her own pain as a fellow traveler. I too am learning and growing from the pain I experience on my journey. While I am learning to accept it and perhaps even come close to embracing it at times, I am not at a point in my own spiritual journey where I can welcome it or count it as joy yet.


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One Response to Helping in the midst of Pain

  1. soulmailing says:

    I too am a long way from embracing pain, Jack. But I know that pain can teach me things I need to know. Pema Chodron has some good things to say about just sitting with pain or discomfort and letting it do its work, rather than seeking a quick way out. That’s a technique I doubt I will ever master but I can see its wisdom. Thank you for sharing the tribulations of a journey so many of us are on.


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