My “Encore” Career

After leaving Tall Turf Ministries in April after nearly 19 years, I began seeking, what I learned is commonly referred to as an “encore career” for Baby Boomer job/career seekers. Since I am not even at the early end of possible “retirement age,” it was not yet a viable option for me to look for anything other than full-time employment or at least a combination of income earning possibilities that could pay the mortgage, put food on the table, keep the lights and heat turned on, etc. I also believe that God calls us to use our gifts and abilities as long as we are capable of doing so on this side of heaven. In other words, I don’t believe that we “retire” from doing the work to which God calls us

One of the many positions I applied for included that of the Executive Director of the Holland Deacons’ Conference (HDC).  I first learned of this position sometime in June from my friend Peter VanderMeulen with the Office of Social Justice of the Christian Reformed Church. Long story short, as time passed and I learned more about the work and became acquainted with some of the people of HDC, I became increasingly interested and experienced a growing sense of “calling” to the work itself.  When people who knew me well would hear about this work and position, they would often comment that this work and position seemed like a good fit for me. And then there were the officers of HDC who seemed particularly interested in me and what I had to offer . . . resulting in the final confirmation of their offering the position to me last week Wednesday which I officially accepted on Thursday. My first day of employment with HDC will be Tuesday, Octorber 1, 2013.

About Holland Deacons’ Conference

The Holland Deacons’ Conference (HDC) is the diaconal (from the Greek “diakonia meaning service)ministry of the Christian Reformed Church for Classis Holland. We exist to carry out the calling Jesus Christ gives—to show love and mercy, actively working in our community using our God-given talents and gifts.

HDC serves as a resource, linking area deacons to available teaching, training, and services and encouraging partnerships of diaconal ministries of Classis Holland CRC congregations. We also promote and implement projects that are ordinarily larger in scope than deacons of individual congregations can provide.

Our work includes the management and operations of the Adult Foster Care Homes, as well as support for Lakeshore Little People’s Place and board membership and community involvement with Buen Pastor.

Have a question about our ministries? Contact or visit us.

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