Why Reformed Christians Hate Being “Reformed”

I greatly appreciated these words and thought they were worth sharing with those who read my blog.


The author of today’s letter is Audrey Edewaard, a 2016 graduate of Western Theological Seminary who was a Corresponding Delegate to this year’s General Synod. Send your #WeAretheRCA letter to revstacey@gmail.com, or if you’d like an additional layer of anonymity, drop me a comment and we’ll make other arrangements. 

Dear Reformed Christians and RCA leaders,

My name is Audrey Edewaard, and I unabashedly love the RCA (it’s actually a bit embarrassing). My denominational identity has been nurtured by a lifetime spent in the RCA, thoughtful professors at Western Theological Seminary and Calvin College, my exuberant family, my call to preach and to teach, and ineffable moments of humility. My love for the RCA is largely influenced by a Reformed articulation of Scripture, tradition, and witness.

One of the many fundamental characteristics I love about the RCA is its commitment to be transformed and transforming; reformed and reforming (whichever slogan you…

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